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MLA Documentation: Dare to Document

Important Notes

These web-based guidelines have been designed and developed as a service to JCC students, faculty, and staff. Address comments and suggestions regarding this site to Joanna Chrzanowski, who developed this guide with generous assistance from Steve Brown.

These citations represent only the most frequently used sources. THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE COMPLETE! For complete documentation style, see MLA Handbook, the most recent edition. For more comprehensive examples, the English Department recommends you useThe Concise Wadsworth Handbook or another recent edition of a handbook.

Follow all punctuation marks, quotes, spacing, and italicizing exactly as shown in the examples throughout the guide.

View a copy of Dare to Document in Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

MLA Guidelines by Source

  1. Articles in Periodicals
  2. Books
  3. CD-ROM
  4. Internet Sources and Online Databases
  5. Other Sources

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