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Accessing the Computers on Campus

You have been assigned a JCC Username and password to log into the campus network which you will use on any student-use computer on campus, such as in the computer classrooms, the science labs, and in the Library.  

Do not save files to computers in instructional areas.  They will automatically reset when rebooted, and your files will be lost. All computers in instructional areas reset themselves.  Use a pen drive or your OneDrive to save your files.  We recommend that keep two pen drives and use your OneDrive.  If a pen drive stops working, there is very little we can do to get your files. 

To log in to the JCC network:

  • Power on the computer.
  • Press <Ctrl><Alt><Delete> (all at the same time).
  • Read the Security message and the login directions that appear, and click OK.
  • In the Name: field type your ID.
  • Make sure JCC is in the From: field.
  • In the password field, type your password and click OK
  • Windows will automatically connect to the network and continue to load.

If the JCC Username or password is mistyped, a message will appear stating this and you will have to retype the information.  Your network access will be disabled after three failed login attempts.  If this happens, you must reset your password (link to the password portal) OR call the HelpDesk, 786-6511.

Wireless Network

Wireless network connectivity is available for current students enrolled at Jefferson Community College.  The name of this wireless network is JCC-Students.  The network is set up so you can connect by yourself.  The login information to connect is the same as the JCC Username and password that you use to log into myJCC and the computers on campus.  You should only have to enter this information one time. 

This network uses enhanced security authentication methods and some older machines may have trouble connecting.  If this occurs, please contact the student help desk at 786-6511 or stop by the IT office in room 5-004 and someone will be able to assist you.  If you have a device that does not support the enhanced authentication methods, we will manually connect your device to a different network.

Directions to connect to the JCC Wireless Network:

Library Databases

The library provides a large collection of online databases and e-books for research.  You can access the Library Electronic Databases through myJCC, just click JCC Databases.  Accessing them directly (link to library database page) requires you to log in using the same JCC Username and password that you use to login in to myJCC and the computers on campus.