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Traits of Excellence

Students at Jefferson are expected to understand and commit to the Traits of Excellence.  Commitment means understanding their accountability and individual responsibility for each of the four traits:

INTERDEPENDENCE: Students will demonstrate their commitment to being a part of the campus and larger local and global community in the following ways:

Compassion for other students and their beliefs and values, asking when in need and giving when able, attempting to understand others beliefs and thoughts even when in disagreement;

Balance between their own needs and the needs of others, in their demands on resources and other’s energies, and in their personal commitments;

Conservation of campus and personal resources, energies, and materials.

FAIRNESS: Students will demonstrate their commitment to civil and appropriate conduct in the following ways:

Self-Management of emotions and behaviors to not infringe on the rights and needs of others and of duties and expectations to meet the requirements of their many commitments;

Integrity when it comes to defending and acting on their own values and beliefs;

Equityin their treatment of others regardless of difference;

Second chances for others in recognition that life is a learning process and mistakes are made.

DISCOVERY: Students will demonstrate their commitment to seeking knowledge and personal and intellectual growth in the following ways:

Curiosity about their subjects and the academic curriculum and the active autonomous pursuit of knowledge;

Motivation in the search for answers, engagement in research, and the drive to excel;

Ingenuity in their approach to confronting and solving new problems and their dedication to generating answers and employing assistance as they develop new approaches to overcoming obstacles;

Engagement in the academic process through attendance, participation, active and thoughtful feedback, and openness to constructive feedback;

Perseverance in the learning process even when encountering obstacles or difficulty.

SELF-AWARENESS: Student will demonstrate their commitment to personal growth and development in the following ways:

Reflectionon their thoughts, beliefs, and inner motivations to provide them with a better understanding of who they are;

Individualism in the assertion of their identities and respect for other people’s sense of self;

Leadership by example in the conduct of their own lives and their interactions in the campus and larger community;

Adaptability to new and different situations and changes from the status quo.