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Hospitality and Tourism Certificate

The Program (HEGIS Code 5011.10)

The Hospitality and Tourism certificate program is designed to give graduates good preparation for professional entry level jobs in the field. The certificate allows significant tailoring to meet students’ specific needs or interests.

The certificate is also an excellent vehicle to allow graduates to enter the field quickly and then return for more training as their careers progress.

Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Hospitality and Tourism Certificate program will:

  • Analyze career paths within the hospitality, food service, tourism, and recreation industries.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of critical food safety knowledge and practices.

Abilities and Skills for the Hospitality & Tourism Curriculum

All Hospitality and Tourism students must demonstrate the ability to acquire the skills and knowledge required for successful completion of courses in which they are enrolled and must meet psycho-motor, intellectual, and general skill requirements that would be expected of a hospitality industry professional.

Students enrolling in the any of three hospitality and tourism concentrations must review and complete the Hospitality and Tourism Program Guidelines form which outlines the abilities and skills that are essential for a student to be successful in the Hospitality and Tourism program and to become employed as a hospitality and tourism industry professional.

Career Opportunities

The Hospitality and Tourism certificate program positions students to enter the fields of hotel/restaurant management or kitchen management/culinary work.

The hospitality and tourism field can be glamorous and exciting but usually involves long hours and hard work. Formal education is an important factor in holding all but the lowest skilled jobs in the industry although education beyond a 2 year degree is normally not required for most positions. A certificate allows students to begin their professional career quickly. They can then plan to continue their education at different points, as their career progresses.

Experience is a key factor in this industry and graduates are advised to seek initial employment in positions where they can gain broad experience and be involved in as many aspects of the industry as possible. Virtually every job in this field requires regular contact with the public and an emphasis on good customer service.

Certificate Requirements (Effective Spring 2017) Credit Hours
Hospitality and Tourism Requirements (12 Credit Hours)  
     HOS 101: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism 3
     CUL 130: Sanitation and Safety 1
     Choose from any of the following: HOS, HRM or CUL Electives  8
Business and Hospitality and Tourism Requirements (12 Credit Hours)  
     Choose from any of the following: HOS, HRM, CUL, BUS, or ACC  12


For More Information

Alexander Pope Vickers, Hospitality and Tourism Department Chair

Application and Admissions Information
Office of Admissions
315-786-2277 or Toll Free 1-888-435-6522