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Nov. 17, 2017:  

SOAR Scheduled Maintenance:  If you would like to apply to Jefferson, search or register for classes, or access student records, please note the SOAR (Secure Online Access to Records) System is down until Sun., Nov. 19 at 8 AM and none of these activities can be completed until the system is back online.

Emergency Phones

Blue Light Emergency Phones

Blue Light Emergency Phones are direct lines to 9-1-1.  All phones have a blue light at the top, and are activated by pushing a red button. A white placard below the call box indicates your calling location. There six Blue Light Emergency phones on campus. These phones can be found in the following locations:

  • Corner of Campus Drive and Cannoneer Loop  
  • Gregor Bldg. 5 between parking lots A and B
  • Parking Lot E
  • Corner of Rand Drive and Cannoneer Loop
  • East Hall Parking Lot
  • East Hall Courtyard

Black Call Phones

Black call phones can be used as a direct line to either JCC Campus Safety & Security or 9-1-1 dispatch. All phones are black and labeled emergency with a maroon placard located above the phone with instructions.  There are seven black call phones on campus. Thes phones can be found in the following locations:

  • Guthrie Bldg. 2 -  in the hallway outside classroom 2-107
  • Dulles Bldg. 3 - campus quad entrance
  • McVean Student Center, Bldg. 4 - outside the Health and Wellness Center, Room 4-104
  • McVean Student Center, Bldg. 4 - Cannon Ball Foyer (rear gym lobby)
  • Jules Center Bldg. 6 - 2nd floor across from room 6-214
  • Jules Center Bldg. 6 - 1st floor across from room 6-114
  • Jules Center Bldg. 6 - ground floor, Jules Center Commons near ATM machine